Tiffany Mars

First Impressions

There are two things about Tiffany Mars that stand out above all others. The first is the set of tits riding on her chest. They`re big and beautiful and natural so they look incredibly soft and sexy. Then there`s the hot ass that she shows off in some of the tour pictures. Tiffany Mars is an exceptionally attractive girl and she doesn`t mind you knowing it. Want to see how good her tits look` There`s a picture of them poking out from underneath a t-shirt right on the tour and she`d be happy to have you come along and check it out.

Hot Promises

The tour has some nice pictures but it`s actually pretty barren when it comes to really selling Tiffany Mars to the world. She needs more pictures and a preview video (presuming she has videos inside). She promises that she`ll get naughty in front of the camera, that she`s got junk in the trunk (so true!), that she has high resolution pictures and that her movies are erotic and sizzling. It seems like it`s going to be a good time but based on the sparse nature of the tour I`m not sure how much good stuff she`s going to have inside.


When you first get into the member`s area you`re not going to see much of Tiffany Mars. The main page of the site is mostly designed to house links to the other sites in the network and advertisements. They have a section for news but there hasn`t been anything meaningful added in a long time. The upcoming additions tease also hasn`t changed in months and months so the site is no longer updated. If you want the porn featuring hot young blonde Tiffany Mars then you need to check out her picture galleries or her videos.

I hit up the picture galleries first and Tiffany has 27 of them ready for you. There are no titles so the only information you get is a thumbnailed picture and the number of images inside. It`s clear that some of the shoots have been stretched into multiple galleries, which seems totally unnecessary and inflates the content total beyond a truthful number. That`s kind of annoying but these things happen.

Most image sets have 50-80 pictures and they display at 1200px. You can download a zip file of the whole thing that`s roughly 10mb. The thumbnails are the perfect size and the images load really quick so it`s awfully easy to browse. The trouble is that with only 27 sets and no updates you`re not looking at an impressive collection of content. Before you know it you`ll be out of content and you`ll have to move on to one of the thirteen bonus sites that come free with your membership.

Tiffany is a cute girl and she makes use of that in her picture galleries. She poses in a variety of outfits but she never pursues the overly sexed up look because it just wouldn`t work that well on her. Instead she`s better suited to looking sweet and soft and she knows it. You`ll find her straight, short blonde hair in pigtails in most sets and her makeup done in a soft and youthful manner. She smiles a lot because she looks so great baring her pearly whites and when she`s not giving us a cheerful look she`s going for something a little lustier to give you a change of pace.

Sometimes Tiffany throws a little bit of dark makeup around her eyes to give her a more edgy look and it succeeds in making her awfully sexy. In one of my favorite sets she has that slightly dark eye makeup going along with a black choker around her neck. She`s wearing a t-shirt but it`s everything that`s going on from the neck up that makes the set really interesting to me. Her lips are a glossy pink and her eyes are sparkling blue as always and she does a slow and sensual striptease that eventually reveals her tits. Other sets show her in a pink corset, a purple fishnet top, a sheer pink t-shirt, a loose black tee, a version of the schoolgirl look and more.

Tiffany Mars does not get fully naked in every picture set but when she does it`s worth checking out because she looks terrific. She has a nice big ass with sexy thighs below it and her stomach is pretty thin so you`d never call her fat or curvy. You would probably just call her really sexy if you had to assign her some sort of label. Her breasts are beautiful C cups and they`re all natural so they have a wonderful shape. Her nipples look awfully tasty and to suck on them would be some sort of dream come true.

There are nine videos and they`re not all that impressive. The only information you get on each is a tiny picture and the size of the file. There are no screenshots, no titles and no descriptions to at least give you a hint as to what she`s doing. Luckily it`s not terribly interesting so you can just download whatever you want and enjoy what she produces. Most of the time she`s doing a striptease or caressing/groping her body. It looks good but it won`t exactly blow your mind. My favorite is the third one where she spends most of the time on her hand and knees shaking her ass at the camera. That`s some seriously mind blowing stuff because her booty looks fucking awesome and her pussy is visible too. It`s really the bonus content that makes Tiffany Mars a worth join. 27 picture galleries and 9 videos don`t really cut it for a long term membership but when you throw another 13 sites in there it starts looking pretty attractive. Tiffany is joined by a beautiful collection of young ladies with fabulous bodies and what makes them so interesting is how different they are. A couple of the chicks have fake tits that are perky and big while several others have really small tits to go with their tight teen bodies. Some are naturally busty and they`re all solo and having fun posing in lingerie, cute outfits, slutty dresses, short skirts, tight pants and more.

Croco’s Opinion

Tiffany Mars is a sexy young blonde with a big ass and natural tits. She smiles, she flirts and she gets naked on her site to the delight of any man that`s had the privilege of paying it a visit. You get to see her beautiful body in all its glory, including her naked pussy. She only has 27 picture galleries and 9 videos though so the site runs dry really quick. There are no updates and there never will be. The network is the thing that makes the site worth a look. There are 13 other solo babe sites and they each offer you picture galleries and videos of hot action unfolding on camera. The ladies know how to entertain with the best of them and you`re invited to join in on the fun. For all those sites it`s worth the money.


Navigation is easy but they don`t provide enough information about the videos or the picture galleries. Descriptions would have been nice.

Pricing Policy

It`s $34.95 for 30 days access.

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